Urban Gardening as a Value Add

Having grown up in Maine we’re used to having a lot of greenery around us. When we first moved to the city it was one of the things we missed most, especially in the spring. Now we’ve come to appreciate urban gardening and the life it can bring to a property. We’re lucky enough to have a small yard where we planted a raised bed garden and flower beds. We also have a growing collection of succulents (check out our Instagram @plant_parenthood12) and other indoor plants that help make our little apartment feel more like home.


Whether you have a lawn or not, urban gardening can add a lot of curb appeal to your property which will help if you’re listing it for sale or as a rental. You’ll have to invest some time to get started, but if you opt for low maintenance plant varieties it can be very easy to manage. plantain-lily-1579042_1920

If you have space to add flower beds around the foundation of your property, try building up the ground so it slopes away from your house and planting hosta. The raised terrain will help with drainage when it rains and protect your foundation, and hosta is a lovely perennial that is easy to care for. It comes in several varieties and it will grow just about anywhere. The only maintenance they require is a trim in the fall after the first frost. They do take a little while to get going in the spring so when we trim ours in the fall we also plant some bulbs for hyacinth and daffodils which bloom earlier and add some color.

porch planterNo space for a flower bed? If you have railings on porches or stairs these planters are a great option. We use a larger version on our back porch as an herb garden! Depending on how much sun your property gets Coleus and Creeping Ivy varieties are good for adding some greenery and require almost no maintenance work. Impatiens and Begonias are both classic planter flowers because they spread to fill their container. Zinnias are another excellent choice due to their long blooming period and nice pop of color.   

We’d love to hear how you’re using urban gardening to spruce up your own property! Check out our About page to connect with us today.